About Promile

The founder of Promile has a very real personal interest in Promile products generally. His sister, Susan suffers with Multiple Sclerosis and had been taking Evening Primrose Oil and Evening Primrose Oil Marine for several years. She asked him why Evening Primrose Oil supplements were so expensive, he decided to find the answer.

As the head of a well-respected pharmaceutical company he was in a position to research into the production of Evening Primrose Oil supplements. After considerable effort, the answers to those questions only left two alternatives. Either continue paying the price or produce the items ourselves. We only approached suppliers with excellent references and their brief was to always use the finest materials and raw produce available. Samples were scrutinised & tested and finally a suitable manufacturer, container & independent testing laboratory were commissioned. Lastly we needed a name - we called it Promile.

As well as the capsules we looked at the containers. They were designed with flat bottoms that are stable, caps that flicked off with one finger, caps that were attached to the body and so didn't fall on the floor when opened, a wide top so delicate fingers could easily gain access, all little items that reflect a long term users experience. Susan was and still is, an active motivator and word soon got around to those groups that use Evening Primrose Oil products that an excellent alternative was available.

Promile was born in September 1992 and has grown from very humble beginnings to become a leader in its field. We have never looked back.


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